Mt Ascutney Prevention Partnership

The Mt. Ascutney Prevention Partnership (MAPP) is a community-based public health coalition.

Our mission: To inspire community action that promotes health and positive environments for youth.

What We Do

To build and maintain healthy communities, a comprehensive approach beyond just education is needed. While education increases awareness and helps individuals make better choices, it only affects the individuals who receive it. MAPP focuses on broader, environmental strategies which transform lives by transforming communities at the population level.

How do we do this?

MAPP works in collaboration with others to shape the environments that help people adopt healthier habits. We help municipalities and organizations determine their priorities and objectives, and develop policies to achieve their goals.

MAPP work results in:

Increased awareness of substance misuse

Decreased youth access to "adult only" substances (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cbd, etc.)

Increased awareness of community conditions that help youth to feel that they matter to their communities

Decreased access to dangerous prescription medication

Increased access to healthy foods

Increased access to safe options for physical activity