Mt Ascutney Prevention Partnership


Young people matter. And at every stage, from childhood to adolescence and beyond, they need to know that they matter. When adults and communities “see” and engage with young people, we give them the strength and resilience to make healthy choices. MAPP works to give parents, mentors, guardians, and communities support to effectively encourage young people.

Positive Youth Development

Why We Care

Youth who feel they matter to their community:

Are physically healthier

Volunteer to help others

Are good stewards of the earth and its resources

Possess a greater sense of purpose

Are less likely to engage in unhealthy risks such as drug use to combat feelings of anxiety, depression, and other problems

How MAPP is Helping

MAPP is a community partner that helps to organize programming for Windsor's free summer meals program. Youth who participate are introduced to adult role models that appreciate spending time with them. Our "Sled Dog Disco" group finds different ways to bring "kids are assets to our community" messaging and opportunities to local town officials, businesses, and faith-based organizations.  

In the schools, MAPP brings project ideas to groups of youth through "advisory challenges." Youth from different schools can compete for prizes when they participate in a project that gives them voice to their ideas and visions.